Today I checked an awful lot of things off my “to do” list, from ordinary things like paying the renters’ insurance bill, to out-of-the-ordinary things like applying to Howard Community College, the first step in my going back to school. To top it all off I got my hair cut last night and it just […]

My Theory of the Thousand Words

The first time it really happened to me was when I saw Stonehenge. That was 1993, well before digital photography, and I still probably took more than one entire roll of film just trying to capture that ancient strangeness on the Salisbury plain. Then there was the Parthenon. Here was something, I thought to myself, […]

Use your words

Last Wednesday I went out to lunch with two friends from the office, because we were all fired up to talk about the previous night’s episode of Lost. While in the restaurant we got into a convoluted, labyrinthine conversation that also sucked in our Lost-watching waiter, because that’s how you talk about that show. It’s […]