Goodbye, you arrogant bastard.

Monday night was the series finale of House. It also happened to be the night my book club was meeting, so I didn’t watch the episode until Tuesday. There was the hour retrospective beforehand that was really lovely, then there was the episode itself. I thought I might cry, but I didn’t, except for a […]

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“C’mon, Trebek, let the people see my work.”

When Jeopardy! came back on the air in 1984, with dashing mustachioed Canadian Alex Trebek as host, I was twelve years old. And when I was twelve years old, I watched an almighty whack-ton of TV. In 1984 my family didn’t have cable, or even a VCR yet, but we all managed to spend a […]

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Retro crush

The living room is quiet except for the TV, until we enter. Laughing and talking, it’s time for “our stories,” a term I’m here misappropriating from my grandmother. It’s what she called the soap operas, though in my memory she didn’t watch soap operas. Any rate, our story’s almost on, and there is companionable talk, […]

July 18, 2011 · Jen · 4 Comments
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“Diane, I hold in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies…”

April 8, 1990 fell during Spring Break of my senior year of high school. Graduation was so close I could taste it. Big change was coming. Big things were bound to happen. But what was happening on April 8, 1990 was that I was cleaning my room. I remember this very distinctly. I was holed […]

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