Three stories.

I. Taking a picture from inside a moving car is a bad idea; stopping your car in a roadway to take a picture from a complete standstill is often an even worse one. This road, however, is known to me as the sleepy spot it’s remained for all the years stretching back to high school […]

On distant shores

It was almost exactly two weeks ago that I stood on the shore of Tayabas Bay at the beach at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas (on the island of Luzon in the Philippines – only about three hours from metro Manila) and watched the sun rise. Afterward, when I had spent possibly too much time taking […]


Last night my friend Laura and I hosted our second “Sharing Our Stories” event at UUCC, on the theme of “Love in Action.” We host these evenings to discuss and raise awareness of issues surrounding reproductive justice. But just lately I’ve had so much more than that on my mind. After I got back from General […]


February is almost done. The cold still grips us, there is still snow on the ground. There’s been snow on the ground a long time, unusual for us except in the worst winters. March marks so many things. The month we get the most daylight back. The vernal equinox. My birthday. And this year, significantly, […]


I went back to my travel journal, to see what I wrote about driving from the middle bit of Oklahoma over to Memphis, Tennessee. The answer is: not much. On that drive, I got very caught up in the audiobook. I was on the fourth book of the Dark Tower series and it was all […]

Day…Something. Roswell

It was Friday, September 13. I woke up at 3 a.m. in the National 9 Inn in Roswell, New Mexico, suddenly overcome by a hunger so profound it would under no circumstances allow me to go back to sleep until I had a handful of trail mix. Fortunately, after that I did manage to fall […]

Grand Canyon, Day Two!

On this trip, I had a plan, and I didn’t deviate from it very much. The stop at Arches wasn’t originally in there, but I was always going to be driving right past it, so it wasn’t a big change. The day I visited the Grand Canyon was a long one, but a good one. […]

Light and shadow

The month is winding down. It is Thanksgiving Day, the 28th of November this year, and I am barely to the halfway point of writing about my trip. It has been an incredible year for me, and I can only hope that my sense of gratitude has managed to keep up with it. In the […]