All the things

To pick up and start saying, again, “It’s been so long since I wrote…!” would do very little but state the obvious and make me feel sheepish even to be updating again. I spent some time, before writing this, updating the site’s appearance. It had literally not been updated since I set up the site […]


Oh boy what a week. The past seven days have contained a lot of things! But in the interest of time, concision, and not boring everyone to death, I am going to concentrate on one from today in particular. Today I paid off my car! And not just my car. Without going into ridiculous detail, […]


Friends, forgive my absence. I had a really weird April. It’s probably a good indication how weird April was that I am just now getting around to mentioning it, now that we have reached the second week of May. Between the loss of one sweet kitty and the adoption of another (I know I haven’t […]


For a long time I eschewed New Year’s resolutions because to do them correctly, you have to take serious stock of yourself and be honest with yourself about what you want – or need – to change. You have to think not just of the things to change, but to think about how to change […]

A year, more or less

If I’m remembering correctly, we got our first VCR in 1983. Thanks to the diligence (and good guesswork) of my brother, we chose correctly in the VHS vs. Beta showdown. With the clunky machine in the back of the car as we drove home from Sears, we stopped at one of the first video-rental stores […]