Last night my friend Laura and I hosted our second “Sharing Our Stories” event at UUCC, on the theme of “Love in Action.” We host these evenings to discuss and raise awareness of issues surrounding reproductive justice. But just lately I’ve had so much more than that on my mind. After I got back from General […]

Tired, so here’s a story.

Tonight, I’m tired. When it comes to sleep, I am something of a delicate flower. Not in my ability to sleep (anytime, almost anywhere!), but in my utter inability to function without sleep. In college, I never pulled all-nighters. When I worked overnight shifts, I had no problem adjusting to sleeping during the day, but […]

Stories to tell you.

There’s a story I’d like to tell you. Once there was a woman who met a man, and they got married the way you’re supposed to, and they had a kid the way you’re supposed to. Not much else went the way it was supposed to go, though. The ending was bad, I mean the […]

Story: part two of probably at least a few.

It turns out this past weekend was hugely centered around stories and storytelling, so it’s no wonder that it’s been on my mind lately. Saturday I spent the day telling a story with my friends, one we were creating together. On Friday night, I spent time listening to (and participating in) older stories, ones that […]

The Feast of All Souls

In 1971 my mother and father and brother took a trip to England. My brother was seven years old at the time and it was the first really big vacation they’d ever taken together. Sometime before they left on that trip, someone advised them that when they took pictures, they should have them developed as […]