First snow day

In the week since I wrote my last blog post for November, I haven’t written a thing. Not a blog post, obviously, but not a journal entry at home offline either. I haven’t so much as jotted a few notes in a Google Drive document while at work to spend more time on at home. […]

From the other side

I don’t want for a minute to belittle the storm we are having, or make light of the very real danger and difficulty that it poses for many people. It’s been a winter of historic difficulty and trial, that has taxed our resources and infrastructure, not meant to deal with 60+ inches of snow in […]

Didn’t we just have a snowpocalypse?

We’re having exactly the kind of winter I would have adored as a little girl. Snow day upon snow day, the whole world turning magically into a hill to climb then slide down at high speed. Snow as an adult is different. Mostly we have to go on with our regular lives but with more […]