The Last College Confession: Summer, 1997

Well hello there! 2015 has been just a downright terrible year for blogging. But it was to good purpose: the first half of 2015 was pretty much eaten up by completing my long-unfinished, long-dormant college degree. With final grades submitted and an “A+” (they give pluses now?!) in my last class, at this point I […]


Yesterday my oldest nephew graduated from college. It was pretty awesome. The speeches were interesting and they kept things moving pretty well…except, well. Loyola takes pride in the fact they announce each degree candidate by name. Every bachelor’s degree, every master’s degree, every doctoral degree. All in all about 1600 names. You guys, I felt […]


Earlier this summer, I went back to the University of Maryland at College Park to talk with an English department advisor about finally finishing my degree. (You may remember I had a fit of nostalgia at the time.) And in the spring I’d talked to someone in the College of Arts and Humanities. This weekend […]