The Little Things

Tonight is our last book club meeting of the year, or at least the last one where we actually discuss a book. We’ll have our holiday party, where we’ll just enjoy each other’s company without the pretense of talking about a book. Though one of the best things about our book club is even though […]

Day Eight Concludes

On my way out of Arches National Park, I did stop in the gift shop for some postcards and fridge magnets and that sort of thing. Then, time to head out! I gassed up in Moab. Utah gas is tricky. They do octane levels differently. You see a reasonable price on the regular gas, but […]

Photographic Evidence

First of all, a correction! I dressed in the home-made cat costume in 1977, 1978, and 1979 – so Kindergarten, first, and second grades, not grades 1-3 as previously reported. Second of all, I know this because I went over to Mom’s for lunch today, and I poked around in the old photo albums, and […]

From the other side

I don’t want for a minute to belittle the storm we are having, or make light of the very real danger and difficulty that it poses for many people. It’s been a winter of historic difficulty and trial, that has taxed our resources and infrastructure, not meant to deal with 60+ inches of snow in […]

On this, the day of your sons’ baptism…

When I received word that my dear friends Mandy and Breezy were received into the Episcopalian church this Easter, I was not terribly surprised, as I knew they were studying for it. When I received a vaguely cagey email from Mandy not long after – “I have to ask you something” – I admit I […]