My Kingdom For A Voice

My first copy of Lifes Rich Pageant was a cassette copy from my brother’s vinyl. There was a skip on the record during “These Days,” and to this day when I listen to that song there’s a part of me that waits for that little stutter. It’s not there, as I now listen to a […]

Road music

One of my favorite places to listen to music is in the car. I used to seek out long drives, less-known back roads to get to familiar places, just to have more time to sing along with my favorite music. With gas prices being what they are I don’t do as much of that as […]

Marry in haste…

It turns out that sometimes, in the first blush of infatuation, you don’t always make the smartest choice. Your eye is caught, you are entranced, and somewhat blinded to the imperfections which – it must be faced – are inherent in so many things. Take a beautiful piece of handiwork, let’s say a lovingly hand-carved […]

I got a little distracted…

Okay, it’s true that I’m not done with all the points I wanted to make on stories and storytelling and the creative impulse. But I got all distracted, see. By this. That’s my new mountain dulcimer. You won’t believe me if I say this didn’t come out of nowhere, because it more or less did. […]

In which I go on about songs: a thought experiment.

“Songs that keep you sane and inspire you.” That’s what WTMD, my local listener-supported radio station, is asking for. It’s to be part of a countdown of “Desert Island Songs.” You are surely familiar with the exercise, which is often done with albums as well. It’s a thought experiment: what’s the music that would mean […]

The leaves on the trees

I’ve been singing since I could, singing at school, singing at church, singing around the house. As a little girl warbling in choirs and choruses, as a teenager taping myself wailing along with pop songs on the radio, as a tortured young adult driving around gripping the wheel melodramatically and staring into the middle distance […]

Friday! Singing!

I’ve written about three drafts now, all of which sound interesting and insightful and clever as I’m setting them down, all of which then sound utterly incoherent when I go back to read them over. So I’m going to cut to the chase. This Friday, the Sacred Harp group I’ve been singing with more or […]

Nowhere else.

The cats are wrestling behind me and my ears have a little of that post-concert jangly sensation. I’m sitting on a folding chair that reminds me, every time, that I need to build myself a better workspace, a desk instead of a folding table, a chair that’s kinder during long writing sessions. The bills are […]

5 Songs 500 Words

Just in case you were worried, that’s one hundred words per song, not five hundred for each. Why limit myself this way? I’ll admit it just felt like a fun exercise, but I also realized as I made my Top Five Songs of 2009 list that I found it difficult to articulate why I chose […]

Grace and the groove.

As I suppose we all suspected all along, the results from Dad’s PET scan last week were that he has cancer. It was spotted in several locations throughout the body, including lung, liver, and spine. Today he went in for his biopsy; when I talked to him and Mom this evening they said the doctor […]