Shy, shy

Today is Throwback Thursday, and I don’t know who started it on which social media platform, but I love it. It’s fun to see what people post out of their history, the grainy images rendered digitally, dug up out of forgotten troves of treasure. And it’s fun for me to dig through my own past, […]

A Walk in the Dark

One chilly October evening a long time ago, my best friend and I were getting ready to go out trick-or-treating. We were leaving from my house, working our way up the block. I can’t remember whether it was her father’s turn to walk us around, or my father’s turn. I can’t remember what I was […]

A year, more or less

If I’m remembering correctly, we got our first VCR in 1983. Thanks to the diligence (and good guesswork) of my brother, we chose correctly in the VHS vs. Beta showdown. With the clunky machine in the back of the car as we drove home from Sears, we stopped at one of the first video-rental stores […]