The State of My Union

Today is the 44th day of 2018. This morning I received a phone call that removed a weight from my mind I hadn’t even realized I was still carrying. In the first forty-four days of 2018 I have been tested for, and found not to have, three separate kinds of cancer. That’s what the call […]

All the things

To pick up and start saying, again, “It’s been so long since I wrote…!” would do very little but state the obvious and make me feel sheepish even to be updating again. I spent some time, before writing this, updating the site’s appearance. It had literally not been updated since I set up the site […]

This Year

MY BRAIN: Come on! It’s the 10th of February, we should start working on our annual Valentine’s Day post! MY HEART: I don’t wanna. MY BRAIN: Oh come on. This is a tradition, now. MY HEART: No one cares. MY BRAIN: Now you’re just being purposefully defeatist. You have been doing this since 2008, you […]

Hello I must be going

Last night, Friday night, I was tired. It had been a long week. Work’s busy, I had my mid-term exam in Spanish, I have some friends going through rough times I can’t actually help with, the move draws ever closer. So I was tired, and I wanted to go home, and chill out, and do […]


For a few years now I’ve tried to take different looks at love on Valentine’s Day. First I looked at how much I loved the holiday when I was a kid, when it was about friendship, philia. Then I wrote about agape. The next year I spent time talking about love of family (storge, to […]

Actually, Yes

Happy Boxing Day! I hope everyone’s had a lovely holiday, no matter how you celebrated your day off work. If you didn’t get the day off work, thank you for your service at the hours no one else wants to work. This year I took today and tomorrow off. Usually I don’t have leave left, […]

A lost gem

My father didn’t believe that I should be taught to read before I got to school. He had learned to read when he was three, and by the time his class in school got around to sounding out Dick and Jane, the teacher just let him sit in a corner with Treasure Island while she […]


Thinking back, I’m not sure when it was – winter or summer, spring or fall. Logic and the process of elimination lead me to believe it was probably sometime in 1989. I didn’t have a phone in my room but there was one in the next room over that was basically mine. It was a […]

Stories to tell you.

There’s a story I’d like to tell you. Once there was a woman who met a man, and they got married the way you’re supposed to, and they had a kid the way you’re supposed to. Not much else went the way it was supposed to go, though. The ending was bad, I mean the […]

Rising up.

It rises up, the grief. It comes up at happy times, and perversely stays away at sad ones. It wants to defy anticipation. “Here is a day I will feel it,” I’ll think, and then it will not appear, only to come up at another time. When it is fresh, it doesn’t have to rise […]