Hello I must be going

Last night, Friday night, I was tired. It had been a long week. Work’s busy, I had my mid-term exam in Spanish, I have some friends going through rough times I can’t actually help with, the move draws ever closer. So I was tired, and I wanted to go home, and chill out, and do […]

Ten years!

Tomorrow, February 7, 2012, marks the tenth anniversary of my starting work with my current company. My official tenth anniversary isn’t until my hire date in September. When I started this job, I was a temporary employee, adrift after my second layoff in a year as the internet economy deflated like a sad party balloon. […]

The ones that got away.

When I was a senior in high school, my friends and I liked to take the D.C. Metro down into Georgetown. We would go down and have lunch and mainly window-shop, because Georgetown isn’t exactly known for its bargain basement deals. My favorite thing to window-shop for was boots. There were a few good boot […]