The Last College Confession: Summer, 1997

Well hello there! 2015 has been just a downright terrible year for blogging. But it was to good purpose: the first half of 2015 was pretty much eaten up by completing my long-unfinished, long-dormant college degree. With final grades submitted and an “A+” (they give pluses now?!) in my last class, at this point I […]

Reproductive Privilege

Earlier this week I had my annual “well woman” visit, which is the official term for the one gynecologist appointment per year covered entirely by my health insurance (unless other health issues warrant other visits). Everything went well, I had a good conversation with my doctor, I asked a few questions and made a few […]

Learn, Teach, Do

Two weeks ago, I was given an opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Last week, I was doubly blessed as I got to share my experiences of the week before. This week, I’d like to write about it. A few months ago, I was approached by my church’s director of Lifespan Growth and Learning […]

In Which I Present A Recipe

My parents weren’t good cooks. They were very good providers, certainly, and we never worried about having our basic needs met. There was always breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I’m grateful for it. But they had no love of food, no creative spark. It really wasn’t cooking, what they did. It was heating food. The […]

“I’m bacon!”

During college, I spent a few semesters doggedly, earnestly, and almost singlemindedly (as transcripts will attest) trying to be accepted into the University of Maryland at College Park’s improvisational comedy troupe “Erasable, Inc.” I went to all the shows. I went to all the workshops. Boy howdy did I want to join that group. It […]