You guys. I just picked up my travel notebook and read about the next day, which is the trip from Denver through to Price, Utah. It was the real beginning of what I call the “Big Solo Adventure” part of the trip, and it was an exciting, interesting day with lots of observations. And tonight […]

Reproductive Privilege

Earlier this week I had my annual “well woman” visit, which is the official term for the one gynecologist appointment per year covered entirely by my health insurance (unless other health issues warrant other visits). Everything went well, I had a good conversation with my doctor, I asked a few questions and made a few […]

The things I wasn’t writing.

I have a confession to make. For a few months I’ve had a very specific worry hanging over my head, and I haven’t written about it here at all. A little while back I wrote about feeling “unready,” and that was the closest I came to talking about it. In October I had a routine […]

Talking it out.

A few weeks ago there was an episode of House entitled “Private Lives.” Laura Prepon (of That ‘70s Show fame) was the guest star and patient-of-the-week, a blogger whose entire life is lived out in the open. She first becomes ill while she is sitting up late at night, blogging about an argument she just […]

A moment of levity!

They do happen! If I, or anyone in my family, ever lost our sense of humor, it would be a loss as keenly felt as that of a limb. Yesterday I went to visit Dad after work, as per usual. When I arrived, he was holding…mattress ads. Yes, my father, laying in the hospital, dying […]

Which questions?

One of the things recommended to me from several sources has been, “Ask questions!” Tonight I spent some time writing down a list of questions to ask the oncologist tomorrow. My brother and I are going with my parents to the initial appointment, and the long process of learning about cancer and what the hell […]

The best laid plans…

…somethin’ aft agley, somethin’. When I started this blog with the idea of writing in a more deliberate and thoughtful manner, I thought I would write nice drafts, keep a log of ideas offline, expand and polish them with care. In my brain, a week or two ago, I was working on a post about […]