where angels wander

It didn’t take Google for me to know that the concept of complete cellular renewal in the human body every seven years is a myth. I know that no neurons are added to the cerebral cortex after birth. I know that the cells of your cornea are with you your entire life; they get tired […]

Dear Dad

September 20, 2014 Dear Dad – Can you believe it’s been five years? Yeah, me either! I can’t believe it’s been five years since we lost you. I can’t believe it’s been five years of blog posts and I haven’t once resorted to an epistolary model…until now. A lot has gone on in the last […]

Rising up.

It rises up, the grief. It comes up at happy times, and perversely stays away at sad ones. It wants to defy anticipation. “Here is a day I will feel it,” I’ll think, and then it will not appear, only to come up at another time. When it is fresh, it doesn’t have to rise […]