Grand Canyon, Day Two!

On this trip, I had a plan, and I didn’t deviate from it very much. The stop at Arches wasn’t originally in there, but I was always going to be driving right past it, so it wasn’t a big change. The day I visited the Grand Canyon was a long one, but a good one. […]

On that particular day

When I started planning the trip, I knew I wanted to go right after Labor Day. I didn’t want summer-vacation crowds but I didn’t want to push any later into the year because of the possibility of snow in the mountains. It wasn’t my intention, when I started mapping it out, to spend September 11 […]

Grand Canyon Begins!

Day nine was Wednesday, September 11, and it was the day I finally went to the Grand Canyon. My hotel in Flagstaff was about 70 miles from the Desert View park entrance. I had heard of the marvels of sunrises and sunsets at the canyon, so I checked the sunrise time: it was around 6 […]

The Little Things

Tonight is our last book club meeting of the year, or at least the last one where we actually discuss a book. We’ll have our holiday party, where we’ll just enjoy each other’s company without the pretense of talking about a book. Though one of the best things about our book club is even though […]