“Milo says you can unbuckle now.”

December’s almost over with, 2011 is on its way out the door, and I haven’t managed to put fingers to keyboard to post in nearly a month. There are so many things I could talk about at this time of year. And so much that’s gone on in 2011! Things I’ve learned, things that I’m […]

A Walk in the Dark

One chilly October evening a long time ago, my best friend and I were getting ready to go out trick-or-treating. We were leaving from my house, working our way up the block. I can’t remember whether it was her father’s turn to walk us around, or my father’s turn. I can’t remember what I was […]

“I’m bacon!”

During college, I spent a few semesters doggedly, earnestly, and almost singlemindedly (as transcripts will attest) trying to be accepted into the University of Maryland at College Park’s improvisational comedy troupe “Erasable, Inc.” I went to all the shows. I went to all the workshops. Boy howdy did I want to join that group. It […]

Shirting the issue

As much fun as it was to write my last little dialogue, it’s mainly fictional details spun around a core of truth. The precise circumstances under which I learned about the magical properties of my shirt were changed, and in some instances wholly fabricated, to protect the innocent. And in the interest of full disclosure, […]

It Becomes You

“Hello?” “Do you think you could find that store again, that little shop we stopped at last month?” “Yes, I’m fine, thanks for asking.” “Oh hush, I know you’re fine, you emailed me 30 minutes ago. What about the shop?” “I’m sure I could find it again, yeah. Why?” “They put some kind of magic […]