All the things

To pick up and start saying, again, “It’s been so long since I wrote…!” would do very little but state the obvious and make me feel sheepish even to be updating again. I spent some time, before writing this, updating the site’s appearance. It had literally not been updated since I set up the site […]


I went back to my travel journal, to see what I wrote about driving from the middle bit of Oklahoma over to Memphis, Tennessee. The answer is: not much. On that drive, I got very caught up in the audiobook. I was on the fourth book of the Dark Tower series and it was all […]

Actually, Yes

Happy Boxing Day! I hope everyone’s had a lovely holiday, no matter how you celebrated your day off work. If you didn’t get the day off work, thank you for your service at the hours no one else wants to work. This year I took today and tomorrow off. Usually I don’t have leave left, […]


It is the last day of November! And it’s twenty minutes until guests may begin arriving for my tree-trimming party this year. I could leave the wrap-up for later, and honestly a real wrap-up probably will come later. I think blogging every day has really helped to point out the value of doing this more […]

Days Four, Five, and Six: Lincoln, Nebraska!

Lovely Lincoln, Nebraska! When I first started planning this trip, I realized I would have a chance to visit some friends in faraway places while I was at it. And, if those friends were particularly generous, I might even have a few nights here and there where I’d be free of hotels and motels. Sure […]


I have been home from my dream trip for four days now, and I want – need – to write about it. But it is so difficult to figure out where to begin. I am grateful for the support of my family and friends as I went on this journey. People who supported me at […]

Two pieces

Sometime in the last few months a friend posted a silly thing on Facebook, as often happens. This particular silly thing was a send-up of “get ready for summer!” articles from women’s magazines, where far too much attention is paid to depilation levels and purse colors. I remember very little about the silly graphic except […]

Goodbye, you arrogant bastard.

Monday night was the series finale of House. It also happened to be the night my book club was meeting, so I didn’t watch the episode until Tuesday. There was the hour retrospective beforehand that was really lovely, then there was the episode itself. I thought I might cry, but I didn’t, except for a […]

Story: part two of probably at least a few.

It turns out this past weekend was hugely centered around stories and storytelling, so it’s no wonder that it’s been on my mind lately. Saturday I spent the day telling a story with my friends, one we were creating together. On Friday night, I spent time listening to (and participating in) older stories, ones that […]