All the things

To pick up and start saying, again, “It’s been so long since I wrote…!” would do very little but state the obvious and make me feel sheepish even to be updating again. I spent some time, before writing this, updating the site’s appearance. It had literally not been updated since I set up the site […]


Yesterday my oldest nephew graduated from college. It was pretty awesome. The speeches were interesting and they kept things moving pretty well…except, well. Loyola takes pride in the fact they announce each degree candidate by name. Every bachelor’s degree, every master’s degree, every doctoral degree. All in all about 1600 names. You guys, I felt […]

Days Four, Five, and Six: Lincoln, Nebraska!

Lovely Lincoln, Nebraska! When I first started planning this trip, I realized I would have a chance to visit some friends in faraway places while I was at it. And, if those friends were particularly generous, I might even have a few nights here and there where I’d be free of hotels and motels. Sure […]

All Hallow’s History

When I was in the first grade, my Mom decided to make me a Halloween costume. Like, a hand-sewn one, from a pattern. My brief forays into Halloween prior to that year had been the plastic-mask-and-pajamas type deals you got at the drug store. I’m not sure why my mother decided to do this. I […]

Not what I expected.

I don’t tell this story that often, because I don’t feel like it’s entirely mine to tell. My grandmother passed away years ago, however, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me sharing the story with you. When I was maybe ten, twelve years old tops, my mother and grandmother and I took a trip together […]


I fear I have been remiss in posting here, not for lack of anything to say, but more for lack of time to put it all into words. Life feels busy to me, and fulfilling, if not without frustration – overall, it feels good, and whole. But I’ve felt it coming for a while now. […]


Last weekend I traveled to Alliance, Ohio with my mother, to visit my aunt and uncle. It was a good weekend, if sometimes an emotional one. It was the first time we had seen them since Dad’s funeral – my father’s sister and her husband traveled down here to meet up for a hard visit. […]

Love at home.

The past two years on Valentine’s Day, I’ve taken a look at love outside of romantic love. You can take a look at 2008’s and 2009’s musings, if you’d like. When I sat down to think about love this year, the first thing to come to mind was family. It’s not surprising. It was a […]

A moment of levity!

They do happen! If I, or anyone in my family, ever lost our sense of humor, it would be a loss as keenly felt as that of a limb. Yesterday I went to visit Dad after work, as per usual. When I arrived, he was holding…mattress ads. Yes, my father, laying in the hospital, dying […]

A time of burden.

My father’s illness has progressed at such a pace it can be hard to keep up. I certainly haven’t put all the latest details in here; they pile up faster than I can take time to record them. It’s okay, though. I would rather take the time to spend with my father, to share thoughtful […]