Jingle bell cat

It’s been an appallingly long time since I updated the blog. Sure, I moved. Sure, I had a semester of work to finish. Sure, the holidays. Sure…hey, I guess that’s why I haven’t updated. Today my friend Laura and I were asked to share reflections on the theme of “bells” – she shared hers on […]

Actually, Yes

Happy Boxing Day! I hope everyone’s had a lovely holiday, no matter how you celebrated your day off work. If you didn’t get the day off work, thank you for your service at the hours no one else wants to work. This year I took today and tomorrow off. Usually I don’t have leave left, […]


It is the last day of November! And it’s twenty minutes until guests may begin arriving for my tree-trimming party this year. I could leave the wrap-up for later, and honestly a real wrap-up probably will come later. I think blogging every day has really helped to point out the value of doing this more […]