Today I attended the Alley Cat Allies national conference, “Architects of Change for Cats.” Well, okay, it is a three-day conference and I only went to the one day, but it was a fascinating experience. I’ve written before about how I became involved with the care-taking of feral cats. It’s been over seven years since […]


The day I adopted my first cat, Scully, was a Friday in June, 1995. I did it because I was angry. I worked in a municipal building at the time, along with the city’s animal warden, and on the night before I adopted Scully the warden had brought in a kitten in a trap. He […]

Best laid plans, &c.

Another ponderous blog post was building up in my head. What would I discuss next? “Shortage of topics” was never a worry for me when I set this whole thing up. “Making sense” and “not dragging on and on” were worries. For tonight specifically, I had goals. There were ideas about professional sports. There were […]