Dear universe, dear everyone, dear you:

No. Don’t fret. Never fear. I am NOT participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) again, and not just because its cute little alias is an unpronounceable garble. First of all, it’s already November 3. Two days ago, on November 1, I told a room full of people that I had the intention to write every day in November. Yesterday, I failed to do so.

Here is the thing, or one of the things. When I said I would write every day, I didn’t mean for public consumption. Most of what I write isn’t for public consumption…ever. I have a project in mind that will be for public consumption eventually, but not yet. But in all the excitement and time-consumption of finishing up school this year, I’ve really let the ball drop on this blog. It wasn’t my intention.

But we see how far intentions get us sometimes, right?

Not writing yesterday is a failure to do something I wanted to do, but it’s not a huge overarching failure that somehow condemns me as a person. In fact it’s a little comforting. I got the screw-up out of the way right away. Why didn’t I write? I didn’t get enough sleep. I was cranky. It was cloudy. It was the first day of driving home from work in the dark; of realizing I’m going to be driving home from work in the dark until like February. None of these are very good excuses. But I let them pile up. And all I wanted to do when I got home was have a drink and watch The Walking Dead, so that’s just what I did.

Then I got up and did it all over again. But less cranky, no cloudy, and ever willing to learn that excuses are pointless and explanations are only useful if we learn from them and make corrections. And I’m not writing every day in November as a stunt. I’m doing it to remind myself how much better I work, my mind works, my spirit works, when I make time for this.

No posts every day, no worries. More posts though, I hope!

All love,


p.s. I stole that sign-off from a friend of mine. I hope he doesn’t mind.

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