Give Love Voice

I got my first tattoo when I was 25. In the summer of 1997 I was in a weird place, done with college but not graduated, looking for work, restless. At the time I’m pretty sure I wasn’t all that certain exactly why getting a tattoo appealed to me, but I pawned my high school […]


Just lately I’ve been thinking of my own sense of vanity. This may be because I never really had much of one before, oh, the last couple of years.  Or, when I did feel that creeping up, I felt shame. Like I didn’t deserve to like how I looked, perhaps. I spent some time searching […]


In the last few weeks I’ve watched not one but two documentaries on comic strips: Stripped, on the history of and various possible futures for comic strips and related media, and Dear Mr. Watterson, one man’s filmic ode to the creator of Calvin & Hobbes. Both the films are very thorough and enjoyable, and worth […]