Words on this morning’s walk

I went for a walk this morning, even though it was six degrees outside and the snow-covered ground was hard frozen and unforgiving. Really unforgiving. With the scarf wrapped around my face to protect it, my glasses fogged up and froze over, and it was hard to see. I tripped over a raised edge on […]


I went back to my travel journal, to see what I wrote about driving from the middle bit of Oklahoma over to Memphis, Tennessee. The answer is: not much. On that drive, I got very caught up in the audiobook. I was on the fourth book of the Dark Tower series and it was all […]

2013 By The Numbers

I have been keeping a journal more or less consistently since i was eleven years old. Sure, there are some gaps. Sure, the early years are generally laundry lists of crushes and daydreams and pop songs. But it was a constant thing in my life for a long time. For about a decade, though – […]