Day…Something. Roswell

It was Friday, September 13. I woke up at 3 a.m. in the National 9 Inn in Roswell, New Mexico, suddenly overcome by a hunger so profound it would under no circumstances allow me to go back to sleep until I had a handful of trail mix. Fortunately, after that I did manage to fall […]

Actually, Yes

Happy Boxing Day! I hope everyone’s had a lovely holiday, no matter how you celebrated your day off work. If you didn’t get the day off work, thank you for your service at the hours no one else wants to work. This year I took today and tomorrow off. Usually I don’t have leave left, […]

Grand Canyon, Day Two!

On this trip, I had a plan, and I didn’t deviate from it very much. The stop at Arches wasn’t originally in there, but I was always going to be driving right past it, so it wasn’t a big change. The day I visited the Grand Canyon was a long one, but a good one. […]

First snow day

In the week since I wrote my last blog post for November, I haven’t written a thing. Not a blog post, obviously, but not a journal entry at home offline either. I haven’t so much as jotted a few notes in a Google Drive document while at work to spend more time on at home. […]