It is the last day of November! And it’s twenty minutes until guests may begin arriving for my tree-trimming party this year. I could leave the wrap-up for later, and honestly a real wrap-up probably will come later. I think blogging every day has really helped to point out the value of doing this more […]


Today is my father’s birthday. He would have turned 74 today. I go around and around on where to use the past tense around his birthday – November 29 is the anniversary of the day he was born, and that didn’t change when he died. But he’s not here to celebrate or add more years, […]

Light and shadow

The month is winding down. It is Thanksgiving Day, the 28th of November this year, and I am barely to the halfway point of writing about my trip. It has been an incredible year for me, and I can only hope that my sense of gratitude has managed to keep up with it. In the […]

On that particular day

When I started planning the trip, I knew I wanted to go right after Labor Day. I didn’t want summer-vacation crowds but I didn’t want to push any later into the year because of the possibility of snow in the mountains. It wasn’t my intention, when I started mapping it out, to spend September 11 […]

Grand Canyon Begins!

Day nine was Wednesday, September 11, and it was the day I finally went to the Grand Canyon. My hotel in Flagstaff was about 70 miles from the Desert View park entrance. I had heard of the marvels of sunrises and sunsets at the canyon, so I checked the sunrise time: it was around 6 […]

The Little Things

Tonight is our last book club meeting of the year, or at least the last one where we actually discuss a book. We’ll have our holiday party, where we’ll just enjoy each other’s company without the pretense of talking about a book. Though one of the best things about our book club is even though […]

Day Eight Concludes

On my way out of Arches National Park, I did stop in the gift shop for some postcards and fridge magnets and that sort of thing. Then, time to head out! I gassed up in Moab. Utah gas is tricky. They do octane levels differently. You see a reasonable price on the regular gas, but […]

Day Eight Begins!

My cunning plan worked, and I was the first one in the Legacy Inn lobby for continental breakfast the next morning. I think I woke the dude and his dog up, frankly. But he shuffled around and turned on more lights and the TV, so I could hear about some of the flood warnings. It […]

Finishing Day Seven

Eventually, after my 350 or so miles on Rt. 70 heading west, the GPS piped up with my exit. 60 miles on Rt. 6 W/Rt. 191 N and I would reach Price, Utah, and my next hotel. There wasn’t much of anything on that 60 miles. Except more gorgeously otherworldly scenery, several canyons, and a […]

Utah; A Realization of Sacred Space

There were different kinds of isolation on this trip. There was the emptiness of western Nebraska, which was a little deceptive. The roads were busy and there were farms everywhere – all that corn! – and of course farms mean at least some people are nearby. But the cell signal was so nonexistent, it felt […]