I’ll Ride The Wave Where It Takes Me

I attended the University of Maryland at College Park from the fall of 1990 until the spring of 1997. Ultimately, I left without completing my degree. There were a number of reasons, some better than others, none of them actually insurmountable or unfair although they felt that way at the time. When I left UMCP, […]

the ride away; the ride home

It was almost two years ago, in a window seat on an Amtrak train home from New York City. I was wedged into the corner, my head propped up between the headrest and the window itself. The afternoon was spitting rain. Gray overcast skies somehow didn’t matter in the city itself, and it had been […]


Not long ago I had a conversation about vocations with a friend who at one time thought he might have had one. “What made you think that?” I asked. He replied that he was good at the things a minister needed to be: speaking, writing, management. But when he talked to his minister, she asked […]