Thinking back, I’m not sure when it was – winter or summer, spring or fall. Logic and the process of elimination lead me to believe it was probably sometime in 1989. I didn’t have a phone in my room but there was one in the next room over that was basically mine. It was a […]


Oh boy what a week. The past seven days have contained a lot of things! But in the interest of time, concision, and not boring everyone to death, I am going to concentrate on one from today in particular. Today I paid off my car! And not just my car. Without going into ridiculous detail, […]

Ten years!

Tomorrow, February 7, 2012, marks the tenth anniversary of my starting work with my current company. My official tenth anniversary isn’t until my hire date in September. When I started this job, I was a temporary employee, adrift after my second layoff in a year as the internet economy deflated like a sad party balloon. […]


Traditionally, I’ve hated February. It’s cold and even though it’s less dark than the couple months before it, it comes right when I am about done with cold and dark. When I was little, January and February were my least favorite months, because they represented the long, soggy, sullen stretch between Christmas and my birthday […]