My Kingdom For A Voice

My first copy of Lifes Rich Pageant was a cassette copy from my brother’s vinyl. There was a skip on the record during “These Days,” and to this day when I listen to that song there’s a part of me that waits for that little stutter. It’s not there, as I now listen to a […]

Rising up.

It rises up, the grief. It comes up at happy times, and perversely stays away at sad ones. It wants to defy anticipation. “Here is a day I will feel it,” I’ll think, and then it will not appear, only to come up at another time. When it is fresh, it doesn’t have to rise […]

Ten years.

This weekend I went on retreat at a Trappist monastery in Berryville, VA. Never having done such a thing before, I was curious, filled mostly with interested anticipation but with a little trepidation. Would I go crazy, I wondered, with nearly 48 hours off the grid entirely, not just no internet, but no phone, no […]