This is the one.

It’s been hot. Crazy hot for the end of May, 20 degrees above normal, temperatures hovering near the three-digit mark that we’re usually not wringing our hands about until at least July. It’s been hot and humid, all the marks of a Baltimore summer, sky a washed-out no-color blue, clouds wandering by barely distinguishable from […]

Road music

One of my favorite places to listen to music is in the car. I used to seek out long drives, less-known back roads to get to familiar places, just to have more time to sing along with my favorite music. With gas prices being what they are I don’t do as much of that as […]


Friends, forgive my absence. I had a really weird April. It’s probably a good indication how weird April was that I am just now getting around to mentioning it, now that we have reached the second week of May. Between the loss of one sweet kitty and the adoption of another (I know I haven’t […]