Not what I expected.

I don’t tell this story that often, because I don’t feel like it’s entirely mine to tell. My grandmother passed away years ago, however, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me sharing the story with you. When I was maybe ten, twelve years old tops, my mother and grandmother and I took a trip together […]

for you, valentine

Another year, another love letter. For the past few years, I’ve written about different kinds of love for Valentine’s Day – love for friends, love for humanity in general, love for family. I’ve had the great good fortune to work on lots of things I love lately, experiencing love in many ways – love for […]

Marry in haste…

It turns out that sometimes, in the first blush of infatuation, you don’t always make the smartest choice. Your eye is caught, you are entranced, and somewhat blinded to the imperfections which – it must be faced – are inherent in so many things. Take a beautiful piece of handiwork, let’s say a lovingly hand-carved […]