Shirting the issue

As much fun as it was to write my last little dialogue, it’s mainly fictional details spun around a core of truth. The precise circumstances under which I learned about the magical properties of my shirt were changed, and in some instances wholly fabricated, to protect the innocent. And in the interest of full disclosure, […]

It Becomes You

“Hello?” “Do you think you could find that store again, that little shop we stopped at last month?” “Yes, I’m fine, thanks for asking.” “Oh hush, I know you’re fine, you emailed me 30 minutes ago. What about the shop?” “I’m sure I could find it again, yeah. Why?” “They put some kind of magic […]

a little gift

I didn’t set an alarm this morning, though it was in the back of my mind I’d like to go to church this week. I had been invited to a brunch; there was also a movie I wanted to see. When I first awoke to the gray, rainy morning my mind immediately leapt into overdrive. […]

History lesson

Last night was my 20th high school reunion. It was a nice night – the venue was lovely, there were a lot of people there I hadn’t seen in, well, 20 years, the food was good. Overall I went into the event with almost no expectations, unsure who I would see or who I would […]

The thread

The thread hasn’t been dropped or lost, but as sometimes happens, it’s been harder to follow it through of late. Last week one of the feral cats I’ve been taking care of bit me; without going too far along the path of that particular story, this has meant a lot of phone calls and visits […]