Talking it out.

A few weeks ago there was an episode of House entitled “Private Lives.” Laura Prepon (of That ‘70s Show fame) was the guest star and patient-of-the-week, a blogger whose entire life is lived out in the open. She first becomes ill while she is sitting up late at night, blogging about an argument she just […]


The day I adopted my first cat, Scully, was a Friday in June, 1995. I did it because I was angry. I worked in a municipal building at the time, along with the city’s animal warden, and on the night before I adopted Scully the warden had brought in a kitten in a trap. He […]

Many happy returns!

My birthday was last Saturday, and it was a beautiful day. I turned 38. There were no parades, no one walked in front of me strewing my path with rose-petals. I got turned around driving to pick up breakfast for the other volunteers at the radio station in the morning, on my way to help […]