Use your words

Last Wednesday I went out to lunch with two friends from the office, because we were all fired up to talk about the previous night’s episode of Lost. While in the restaurant we got into a convoluted, labyrinthine conversation that also sucked in our Lost-watching waiter, because that’s how you talk about that show. It’s […]

Love at home.

The past two years on Valentine’s Day, I’ve taken a look at love outside of romantic love. You can take a look at 2008’s and 2009’s musings, if you’d like. When I sat down to think about love this year, the first thing to come to mind was family. It’s not surprising. It was a […]

From the other side

I don’t want for a minute to belittle the storm we are having, or make light of the very real danger and difficulty that it poses for many people. It’s been a winter of historic difficulty and trial, that has taxed our resources and infrastructure, not meant to deal with 60+ inches of snow in […]

Didn’t we just have a snowpocalypse?

We’re having exactly the kind of winter I would have adored as a little girl. Snow day upon snow day, the whole world turning magically into a hill to climb then slide down at high speed. Snow as an adult is different. Mostly we have to go on with our regular lives but with more […]

Closing Time

Over the years alcohol and I have had a very on-again, off-again relationship. I don’t often examine it but for the early years of my adolescence (by which I mean “until I was about 23”) I was fairly prudish and had some very conventional ideas about how life should go. They were basically modeled on […]