Let it go, kid.

Sunday night was a big night. I got home from Mom’s before it even fell dark, and it seemed I could do more than my usual weekly ritual of cleaning the apartment. There are still unpacked things in my bedroom and office, things that can be more neatly sorted and organized. I spied that one […]

Reductio ad absurdum

It’s been nearly two years since I set up a Facebook account. I’m the first to admit that I did it somewhat begrudgingly, accepting that it is becoming the normal way for people to connect, or to reconnect after being out of touch for a while. It’s certainly a useful tool in many ways, a […]


My maternal grandmother loved to play Scrabble. When I was a little girl and she would stay with us, she and my mother would stay up late playing Scrabble and smoking, peering intently at their little trays around the kitchen table, occasionally adding new melty burn-marks to the vinyl tablecloth. How I wanted to join […]

Nowhere else.

The cats are wrestling behind me and my ears have a little of that post-concert jangly sensation. I’m sitting on a folding chair that reminds me, every time, that I need to build myself a better workspace, a desk instead of a folding table, a chair that’s kinder during long writing sessions. The bills are […]

The Long View

Let’s face it, any retrospective I try to write about 2009 is going to be full of my father’s illness and death. Anything else that happened in my life paled in comparison, and even when I think about other important things from the past year I think about them reflected in the light of that […]