A time of burden.

My father’s illness has progressed at such a pace it can be hard to keep up. I certainly haven’t put all the latest details in here; they pile up faster than I can take time to record them. It’s okay, though. I would rather take the time to spend with my father, to share thoughtful […]

A newsy update

Once again, in lieu of waiting for artful prose (or time to craft it), I’m going to post just some details, update-fashion. Last week’s trip to the oncologist confirmed our fears – Dad’s lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) is stage four, and has spread throughout his body, primarily into the bones. The plan set up last week […]

Which questions?

One of the things recommended to me from several sources has been, “Ask questions!” Tonight I spent some time writing down a list of questions to ask the oncologist tomorrow. My brother and I are going with my parents to the initial appointment, and the long process of learning about cancer and what the hell […]

Grace and the groove.

As I suppose we all suspected all along, the results from Dad’s PET scan last week were that he has cancer. It was spotted in several locations throughout the body, including lung, liver, and spine. Today he went in for his biopsy; when I talked to him and Mom this evening they said the doctor […]