Best laid plans, &c.

Another ponderous blog post was building up in my head. What would I discuss next? “Shortage of topics” was never a worry for me when I set this whole thing up. “Making sense” and “not dragging on and on” were worries. For tonight specifically, I had goals. There were ideas about professional sports. There were […]

The stars my destin…y?

Let me start off by saying that I don’t believe in astrology. For every time I have read a horoscope, description from a Chinese Zodiac, or other such oracle and have thought, “Wow, that’s really amazingly accurate!” there has also been a time I read such a thing and thought, “No, no, that’s not me […]

Naming Conventions

When I decided to join the fray, to step forward, to become another one of the approximately 239 trillion other bloggers on the planet, there were a lot of decisions to make. What sort of content will I have? What tone will my writing take? How will I distinguish myself? How will I connect with […]