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It didn’t take Google for me to know that the concept of complete cellular renewal in the human body every seven years is a myth. I know that no neurons are added to the cerebral cortex after birth. I know that the cells of your cornea are with you your entire life; they get tired […]

Dear Dad

September 20, 2014 Dear Dad – Can you believe it’s been five years? Yeah, me either! I can’t believe it’s been five years since we lost you. I can’t believe it’s been five years of blog posts and I haven’t once resorted to an epistolary model…until now. A lot has gone on in the last […]


Yesterday my oldest nephew graduated from college. It was pretty awesome. The speeches were interesting and they kept things moving pretty well…except, well. Loyola takes pride in the fact they announce each degree candidate by name. Every bachelor’s degree, every master’s degree, every doctoral degree. All in all about 1600 names. You guys, I felt […]


Today is my father’s birthday. He would have turned 74 today. I go around and around on where to use the past tense around his birthday – November 29 is the anniversary of the day he was born, and that didn’t change when he died. But he’s not here to celebrate or add more years, […]

My Man Pink

It’s been another year, and I was thinking it would be a good time to share another Dad story. I got kind of caught up inside my own brain for a while, thinking of recent changes in my life, the way Dad’s memory influences me and affects me still. I’ve been doing a lot of […]

Stories to tell you.

There’s a story I’d like to tell you. Once there was a woman who met a man, and they got married the way you’re supposed to, and they had a kid the way you’re supposed to. Not much else went the way it was supposed to go, though. The ending was bad, I mean the […]

Rising up.

It rises up, the grief. It comes up at happy times, and perversely stays away at sad ones. It wants to defy anticipation. “Here is a day I will feel it,” I’ll think, and then it will not appear, only to come up at another time. When it is fresh, it doesn’t have to rise […]


Last night when I got home after a nice evening out, I sat down in front of the TV for a little while. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was on one of the cable channels, and I was sucked in easily enough. It was near the end of the movie, […]

No answers here.

Religion has always been a large part of my family life. My father was ordained a deacon in the Roman Catholic church in 1983, when I was eleven years old. He and my mother spent the three years prior to that attending seminary several nights a week, and before they ever made that decision they […]

A year, more or less

If I’m remembering correctly, we got our first VCR in 1983. Thanks to the diligence (and good guesswork) of my brother, we chose correctly in the VHS vs. Beta showdown. With the clunky machine in the back of the car as we drove home from Sears, we stopped at one of the first video-rental stores […]